Use One of the following methods :-

  1. SSH from Developer Console
  2. Using WinSCP
  3. RDP Windows Server

  1. SSH from Developer Console

2) Gmail Account Login

3)  Select Compute Engine Project

4) Click On compute

5) Check Running Instances Compute -> Compute Engine -> VM Instances

6) SSH or RDP into instances

7) Click on SSH to any of instance.

8) Done

2) Using WinSCP

To access instance using WinSCP we have to generate Public and Private SSH keys.

Public Keys : saved on Google Compute Instance
Private Keys : saved in local WinSCP software to access instance

Generating Public and Private Keys

2) Run and click on Tools.

3) Click on Generate and wait for a while to generate keys

4) Save Private key

5) Load Saved private key and provide user name in “Key Comment”

6) Go to Compute > Compute Engine > VM Instances  page of your project on Google Developers Console.

7) Go to SSH Keys section and click Add.

8) Paste contents of the clipboard to Enter entire key data box .

9) Click on Save.

Login into instance using WinSCP

2) Install WinScp and Run. Provide username (email without @) and password (email  password).

3) Click on Advanced.. Button and go to SSH. Click on Authentication and select the private key file with ..ppk extension

5) Click Ok -> Save -> Login.


3) RDP Windows Server

Two methods :

  1. mstsc
  2. From Developer Console

  1. mstsc

  • Open Run  (Windows + R) and type mstsc

  • Provide IP Address

  • Provide username and password

   2. From Developer Console

  • Open developer console as described above.

  • Go to Compute -> Compute Engine -> VM Instances

  • Click on RDP corresponding to WIndows Server Instance

  • This will install “Chrome RDP for Google Cloud Platform” extension to GoogleChrome.

  • Provide the IP address and connect

  • Enter username/password and click OK

  • Done

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