Google App Engine is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provided by Google to create and deploy web applications. This service will let you select the environment in which you want to deploy your application like Python or the nodejs environment. A Desktop application is provided to deploy this build. And along witht the desktop application a command line tool (appcfg) is provided to ease the development.

This post will guide you how to deploy build on Google App Engine in one click. Appcfg is a command line tool that is used to interact with Google App Engine(GAE) using the command prompt. Follow these simple steps to deploy

Appcfg: Basic Features

1) Upload/Deploy code on GAE

2) Download source code from GAE 

3) Roll Back of deployment 

4) Download logs from GAE

One Click Deployment 

1) Open Notepad and copy the following code :

echo <password> | --email=<email> --passin update "<path_to_your_application>"

2) Change <password>, <email> and <path_to_your_application> fields accordingly. 

3) Save the file as any_name.bat

4) Done

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