Important Interview Questions for Node.js

1) What is Nodejs ?

2) What is NPM ?

3) Different types of API’s exist in Node (api methods)?

4) What is event looping ?

5) What is event emmiter in node.js ?

6) What is asynchronous calls in Node.js ?

7) Suppose we have 5 apis, we have to hit fifth api when all four have been completed.How can we do it ?

8) What are promises ?

9) What is promise all in node.js ?

10) What is clustering in node js?

11) Core features in node.js ?

12) Can I send body params in GET request ? if yes then how ?

13)  What are middle-wares in node.js ?

14) What is the use of next in node.js ?

15) Different types of exit polls in node.js ?

16) Explain Process in node.js ? 

17) Why node is single threaded ?

18) New features in node.js ?

19) What are create, read streams ?

20) Inheritance in node.js ?

21) How can I secure my cookies in node.js ?

22) What is the passport in node.js ?

23) Best way to manage the session in node.js ?

24) What do you mean by child processes in node.js ?

25) What is the cross-domain problem ?

26) If I want to solve the cross-domain problem for only specific type of APIs , how can I do it ?

27) How can we integrate Third party APIs in node.js ?

28) Explain callback in node.js ?

29) What is callback-hell in node.js? how can I solve this?

30) How can we install local and global dependencies in node.js ?

31) What are streams in node.js ?  

32) Explain package.json file in node.js ?

33) What is the meaning of tilde and caret in package.json

34) How can we control versioning about packages in node.js ?

35) Difference between dependencies and dev dependencies ?

36) What is npm start ?

37) If I want to explain my own command with npm how can I do it ?

38) Explain logging in node.js ?

39) Name node.js framworks ?

40) What is express

41) How can we add the prefix in node.js apis?

42) Use of cookie-parser in node.js?

43) How to make APIs session less ?

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Sunil · August 3, 2017 at 5:36 pm

Great!!! Thanks, really helpful

John · August 3, 2017 at 5:38 pm

Can you please provide answers as well? Thanks

    Dinesh Jain · August 3, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    sure, we will provide answers very shortly

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