iOS 11 : Exciting and Awesome Features

iOS 11 came up with hundreds of new features that will change the way you are using your phone now. It was Introduced on June 5, 2017, at the Worldwide Developers Conference and released on September 19, 2017. 

It introduces major design changes, new app features, and a complete interface rebuild for the iPad. Features like Siri, Messaging, Music, Single hand Keyboard upgraded in a way that you will get the awesome experience.

If we discuss storage, this update shows 1.91GB size and would require at least 1.5GB of temporal space in order to completely install the iOS 11. Hence, we are expected to have at least 3.4GB of storage space before upgrading.

iOS Features


Siri has been upgraded with two new features.

  • Type to Siri – You can type to Siri now. (General -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Type to Siri)
  • Siri Translation – Get a spoken and written answers from Siri in the required language. So, Siri now supports spoken translation just like Google Assistant.


  • One-handed Keyboard – Hold down the globe keyboard button and a mini keyboard will appear which can be attached to the left or right side of the display.
  • iPad Extra Symbols – By pressing the shift key has long brought up alternative symbols and numbers, but now further alternatives can be accessed by pulling down on the shift key.

Control Center

  • Customisable Control Centre – Add shortcuts to Control Centre i.e. Low Power Mode, Notes, Text Size, Wallet, Screen Recording etc. Its layout is fixed.
  • Long Press Support – In Previous iOS 3D touch was the only way to get quick access to contextual options in Control Centre, but now these can be opened via a long press. For example, long press on the torch icon and you can adjust its brightness.


  • One-Handed Zoom – iOS 11 allows us to double tap on Apple Maps and if we keep our finger held to the screen on the second tap swiping up and down will zoom in and out. A useful feature when on the move.
  • Flyover Mode – Select 3D View, popular city and choose the Flyover option. If this is enabled in iOS 11 we can now fly over the city just by moving around. It is just a kind of simplified AR.


  • Quick Password Sharing – This is a very interactive feature added. When two iOS devices are running iOS 11 in close proximity but only one is connected to WiFi. Then that device will get a prompt to share the password if the other device tries to connect. If the first device gets agreed and the other will immediately be connected without any effort.


  • QR Code Support – Automatic detection of QR codes is now supported in iOS 11. So, no need for third-party QR code apps now.
  • Leveling Tool – Open Settings -> Camera -> Switch on ‘Grid’. Now if the camera is taking a photo of something directly below it then two + icons will appear. Line those up and the image will be exactly level before we take our shot.
  • Live Photo Editing – Open a Live Photo, tap Edit and mute the video, look for the video preview at the bottom and you can trim it just like you would a normal video by dragging the sliders from either end. You can also swipe up on a Live Photo to add Bounce, Loop and Long Exposure effects.
  • Live Photos In FaceTime – If both FaceTime callers have iOS 11 then a shutter button shows up during FaceTime calls. Pressing it records a shot Live Photo. The other caller is notified about this.

Screen Control

  • Screen Recording – In Control Center, a button is added to capture screen recording. This can be done with or without audio. It is a great feature for instructional videos and tech support.
  • Screenshots And Edits – A new option is added to re-crop and markup the screenshots. It will appear after the screenshots are taken, We can edit them before saving them in camera roll.


  • Additional Privacy – In Settings navigate to Safari and there is an option ‘Try to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’. This stops ads following us from site to site, it is enabled by default.
  • Automatic Reader Mode – While long press the ‘Reader button’ and the options ‘Use on this site’ and ‘Use on all sites’ appear. Select one and the site will always automatically load in Reader mode.
  • Password Autofill – Saved passwords in Safari can now be securely integrated into third party apps, saving our time to typing them. Android 8.0 Oreo also just added this feature.
  • Flight Status – In iOS 11 flight information is fetched automatically from our emails and calendar and can be kept visible in Safari or a Spotlight widget.

Smart Storage

  • Recommendations – In Settings ‘Storage and iCloud Usage’ has been renamed ‘iPhone/iPad Storage’ and it offers recommendations for saving space with options such as auto deleting old conversations, removing large iMessage attachments and storing messages in iCloud.
  • Auto App Removal – In Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage, iOS 11 gives us the option to automatically delete lesser used apps when low on storage. All data and settings are saved, so nothing is lost and the app will return when storage is freed up.

Drag and Drop

  • iPhone Drag and Drop – This allows users to move images, text and files between apps much like we can on a full-size Mac or PC.
  • Multi App Dragging -Tap and hold an app until it wiggles and you can now select multiple apps at the same time and then drag them all to a new screen or folder. It is a Great feature for the quick organisation.


  • SOS – In settings, there is an ‘Auto Call’ option exists which will dial 911 if we pressed Sleep/Wake/Power button quickly five times.
  • Auto Answer – In Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Call Audio Routing -> Auto-Answer Calls, we can set a time period of up to 60 seconds by when calls will be answered automatically.


  • Interactive Design – Now the App Store has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a beautiful place to showcase amazing apps and to help customers to discover new favourites.
  • More User-Friendly – Feature like Today’s Tab, A Fresh Take on Games and Apps, A Deeper Product Page Experience, Enhanced Search And Promoting In-App purchases makes the AppStore more user-friendly.


  • Interactive Design – Notes section is more interactive and user-friendly inside iOS 11. More controls are added to enhance the quality of notes. Apple Pencil users can open Notes straight from the Lock Screen by tapping the Apple Pencil on the display.
  • Scan Documents – Now we can scan high-quality documents from the camera and embed inside notes. Steps are: Open notes app, Press plus icon, Choose ‘Scan Documents’ option inside alert sheet.
  • Edit Scan Documents & Save – We can even edit our scanned documents and save to Camera roll and drive also.


  • Hide Alerts – We can hide alerts of not just iMessage conversation but also general SMS. When enabled, message alerts won’t show up on the lock screen.
  • Live Links on Message Windows – Message window provides updated UI for message composer and added more links to message body.


  • Sociable Apple Music -Inside music app, the subscribers can create profiles as well as follow friends and share their playlists. The user can also see the music to their friends are listening most. Now Apple Music social events can also be set as notifications.

New iPad Dock

  • Frequently used Apps and Docs from any Screen – Apple Design a new dock for iPad in iOS 11. It will provide quick access to favourite and frequently used apps and documents from any screen.

New Files App

  • File Organiser – iOS 11 has provided the centralise approach to organise all our files in one place. We can access the file from Box, Dropbox and Google Drive etc to centralise and organise at one place in Files App.

Augmented Reality

  • Introduced ARKit – iOS 11 launches ‘ARKit’ which helps developers to build powerful AR apps (virtual objects placed in real-world scenes using the camera). We can apply AR to anything. Nowadays Gaming, Designing and shopping are the big focus area of AR.

Do Not Disturb Driving

  • Automatic Do Not Disturb Driving Service – iOS 11 can detect when you are driving and automatically silence notifications to avoid distraction while setting up auto-replies to specific contacts.


  • Flac Support – The Files app unofficially supports playback of high-quality FLAC lossless audio files. Store them in Files or in anywhere Files can access (iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc) and it will play them when opened.
  • iCloud Battery Saving – Photo syncing in iCloud now stops automatically if battery life is low.

So in nutshell, Apple launched a great iOS update which is very fast and time saver and user-friendly platform for iOS devices.

Let’s enjoy the update.



React Native : Android weds iOS

As javascript is getting so popular and powerful language, many of the frameworks have been created to ease the work of developer and development. It is now being used on the server side with the invent of NodeJS platform.

What is React Native

Like other frameworks, React Native is also a framework for Javascript to create native mobile apps. Facebook announced this framework in 2015 to create iOS and Android apps using same javascript codebase instead of writing the different code for different platforms. It uses the same building blocks as iOS and Android apps use to build apps, with react architecture and javascript. Here is the official website to learn basic concepts.

Power of React Native

With RN you don’t just create the HTML 5 applications or hybrid apps, RN gives you the power to create actual mobile apps using Javascript.

Thousands of apps are created using RN including the top most used apps like
1) Instagram
2) Facebook
3) Skype
4) Tesla
5) SoundCloud Pulse

Here is the list of all apps created using React-Native.

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