ngrok: Lightweight Tool to Expose Localhost Server to Internet

Ngrok is a lightweight command line tool to expose your local running server to  the internet by providing public URL. It creates a secure tunnel to your local running server and then the same server can be accessible over the internet on different machines for testing and development purposes.

Download and Setup

You can download the command line tool from this link. A zip file will be downloaded that contains the command line tool. And that’s all.

To expose your localhost server to internet you tell where your local server is running and the port number. Hit the following command to expose your localhost server to internet

ngrok http 3000

Ngrok is the command and the second parameter is the protocol and the last is port where your application is running.  After running the above command you will see the following output on the console

It will show the following detail


Attribute Description
Session status It could be online|offline. Status of your application is it running on not?
Session expires When will the ngrok session expires default is 8h
Version Version of the tool
Region Where is the public server is running that is pointed to your localhost server
Web interface Web interface of tool where you can check no of connections to your app and monitor the traffic
Forwarding Public URL of local server
Connections No of connections to your application


The public url will be like You can specify your subdomains but for that you have to upgrade your account.


For more detail

ngrok Documentation

ngrok Official Website

How to get saved password in browser

Sometimes we have saved password on different websites. You can see the User Name but Password is in dots.

how to get saved password in browser
In HTML language, User Name is visible because its type is text and Password field is in dots because of type password.
Now to see the password you need to change its type. 
What how can we change that as we don’t have the code? 🙁
No worries, there is a way to change its type on the UI to solve our purpose.

Steps :-

1) Inspect the password field by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + C or by pressing the simply F12 button and click on Inspect button.
2) Now hover/click the cursor on the password box.
How to get saved password in browser
3) As you hover the cursor and click on the password field it will show like above image.
4) Now as you can see in the opened console window the selected code is the password field. 
5) Check its type=”password”.
6) Double click on the type and it will be in edit mode. Now delete the “password” from type property. It will become  type=””.
7) Password is visible now 🙂
How to get saved password
Download video from Facebook

Sometimes we watch videos on facebook and want to download it on phone/laptop. But facebook does not provide the download link to download the video on your device.

This post will guide you how to download the video from facebook.

1) Play the video that you want to download.

Download video from Facebook
2) Right click on the video, it will show the option to “Show video URL“.
Download video from Facebook

3) On click of “Show video URL,” it will show the video URL on the video. Copy it.

Download video from Facebook

4) Now open FBDownloader and paste the copied URL to the download input box as shown in below image.

Download video from Facebook

5) On Click of download button, it will show the option to download the video in “Normal Quality” or “HD Quality”.


Download video from Facebook


6) If you have installed any adblocker then you have to disable it to get the download link.

Video Tutorial

Print India map using C language

C is very powerful language even you can create your own OS in C like Unix. This post is not about to create new OS but the India’s map using C language. You will be glad just few lines of code can create India’s map.

#include <stdio.h>
    int a,b,c;
    int count = 1;
    for (b=c=10;a=“- FIGURE?, UMKC,XYZHello Folks,
    TFy!QJu ROo TNn(ROo)SLq SLq ULo+
    T|S~Pn SPm SOn TNn ULo0ULo#ULo-W
    Hq!WFs XDt! [b+++21]; )
    for(; a– > 64 ; )
    putchar ( ++c==‘Z’ ? c = c/ 9:33^b&1);
    return 0;
And here is the output
India map using c - array151

How it works?

The long string is simply a binary sequence converted to ASCII. The first for statement makes bstart out at 10, and the [b+++21] after the string yields 31. Treating the string as an array, offset 31 is the start of the “real” data in the string (the second line in the code sample you provided). The rest of the code simply loops through the bit sequence, converting the 1’s and 0’s to !’s and whitespace and printing one character at a time.

console.log : Stylize console logging in browser
console.log() method logs any string to console window of the browser. But you know, there is a way to provide style to string message even we can draw images 😉 like in facebook prints in console window
facebook styled console log message

Here is console.log signature

 console.log(msg [, subst1, ..., substN]);
The first parameter is the message that you want to print in the console and the second parameter is the array of format style properties like font-color,font-size etc. This gives you additional control over the format of the output.

So to print the message like Facebook does. Here is the code

console.log("%cStop!", "color: red; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 4.5em; font-weight: bolder; text-shadow: #000 1px 1px;");

Even we can draw images like this

(function(url) {
  // Create a new `Image` instance
  var image = new Image();
  image.onload = function() {
    // Inside here we already have the dimensions of the loaded image
    var style = [
      // Hacky way of forcing image's viewport using `font-size` and `line-height`
      'font-size: 1px;',
      'line-height: ' + this.height + 'px;',
      // Hacky way of forcing a middle/center anchor point for the image
      'padding: ' + this.height * .5 + 'px ' + this.width * .5 + 'px;',
      // Set image dimensions
      'background-size: ' + this.width + 'px ' + this.height + 'px;',
      // Set image URL
      'background: url('+ url +');'
     ].join(' ');
     console.log('%c', style);
  // Actually loads the image
  image.src = url;
The above code will draw image in the console like this
image in console window of browser

For more detail on console.log

Download video from youtube

To download videos from youtube in any format without any plugin and downloader.

1) Open and search your favourite song. Here we are going to download Taylor Swift‘s famous song Love Story.

download videos from youtube - array151

2) In the address bar add ss before so URL will become    ….

download videos from youtube - array151

3) Now you can download this video in any format by just one click.

download videos from youtube - array151