Sometimes we have saved password on different websites. You can see the User Name but Password is in dots.

how to get saved password in browser
In HTML language, User Name is visible because its type is text and Password field is in dots because of type password.
Now to see the password you need to change its type. 
What how can we change that as we don’t have the code? 🙁
No worries, there is a way to change its type on the UI to solve our purpose.

Steps :-

1) Inspect the password field by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + C or by pressing the simply F12 button and click on Inspect button.
2) Now hover/click the cursor on the password box.
How to get saved password in browser
3) As you hover the cursor and click on the password field it will show like above image.
4) Now as you can see in the opened console window the selected code is the password field. 
5) Check its type=”password”.
6) Double click on the type and it will be in edit mode. Now delete the “password” from type property. It will become  type=””.
7) Password is visible now 🙂
How to get saved password

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