Ngrok is a lightweight command line tool to expose your local running server to  the internet by providing public URL. It creates a secure tunnel to your local running server and then the same server can be accessible over the internet on different machines for testing and development purposes.

Download and Setup

You can download the command line tool from this link. A zip file will be downloaded that contains the command line tool. And that’s all.

To expose your localhost server to internet you tell where your local server is running and the port number. Hit the following command to expose your localhost server to internet

ngrok http 3000

Ngrok is the command and the second parameter is the protocol and the last is port where your application is running.  After running the above command you will see the following output on the console

It will show the following detail




Session status

It could be online|offline. Status of your application is it running on not?

Session expires

When will the ngrok session expires default is 8h


Version of the tool


Where is the public server is running that is pointed to your localhost server

Web interface

Web interface of tool where you can check no of connections to your app and monitor the traffic


Public URL of local server


No of connections to your application


The public url will be like You can specify your subdomains but for that you have to upgrade your account.


For more detail

ngrok Documentation

ngrok Official Website

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