1) Right click on your Desktop and Go to

  • New –> Shortcut

2) Type 
  • For SHUTDOWN Write  :    shutdown -s -t 0
  • For Restart Write         :    shutdown -r -t 0
  • For Hibernate Write     :    shutdown -h -t 0
  • For Log Off Write         :    shutdown -l -t 0

3) Click next and give Name to Your shorcut and finish.

4) Change icon of it by right-click on it -> Properties -> goto Change Icon and Select icon for your shortcut

5) Make keyborad shortcut by right click on it -> Properties – > Under ShortCut press any key to make keyboard shortcut.

6) You can add -c “any_mssage” to command for any message before it gets shutdown . You can change time from 0 to any secs. like

shutdown -s -t 60 -c “System will get shutdown after 60 seconds :)”

7) Done

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