As javascript is getting so popular and powerful language, many of the frameworks have been created to ease the work of developer and development. It is now being used on the server side with the invent of NodeJS platform.

What is React Native

Like other frameworks, React Native is also a framework for Javascript to create native mobile apps. Facebook announced this framework in 2015 to create iOS and Android apps using same javascript codebase instead of writing the different code for different platforms. It uses the same building blocks as iOS and Android apps use to build apps, with react architecture and javascript. Here is the official website to learn basic concepts.

Power of React Native

With RN you don’t just create the HTML 5 applications or hybrid apps, RN gives you the power to create actual mobile apps using Javascript.

Thousands of apps are created using RN including the top most used apps like
1) Instagram
2) Facebook
3) Skype
4) Tesla
5) SoundCloud Pulse

Here is the list of all apps created using React-Native.

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