MS-DOS is very powerful Operating System that makes you able to create batch files the .bat file. Batch files are created to run instructions in a batch. So many pranks and the virus can be created using this. This post will guide you how to create a simple virus prank that will hang anyone’s PC. Try this on your friend’s PC to annoy them 😛


1) Open any text editor (Notepad) and Type

2) Save it as a batch file that is file extension must be .bat.

3) This step is optional to check what is going to happen. Open task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on performance tab to view the changes those are going to happen.

4) Run the batch file.

5) Within the few seconds, the performance of your machine will be degraded and 100% memory will be full and within a minute your machine will be hanged.


In Windows, “%0” is the name of the currently executing Batch File. By executing %0|%0, we are recursively calling the Batch File, thereby creating many processes and utilizing CPU resources up to a point where CPU cannot offer more resources to the processes which will be created(forked) after a certain amount of time.

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