there might come a time when you have to impress a crowd and look cool in the coffee shop , Well, Try Hacker Typer

Steps :

1)  Go to 

      This is how the home page looks
how to look cool geeky coder
2)  Put browser on full screen mode
     This is the screen should look
how to look cool geeky coder
3) Just start pressing random keys on keyboard , the website will automatically write a wonderful looking code for you.
And that’s how you become a (fake) Top Coder
4) And if you wanna show someone how you have hacked your way into some serious network just press Alt three times and you get a Access Granted message like that.
how to look cool geeky coder
5) Oh no there is some bug in code and you cant get in. Well you cant get success every time, sometimes firewall is too strong :p. Just press Capslock Three times again you get yourself a access denied message.
how to look cool geeky coder

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